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Pilates Goes Wild

It is a Pilates retreat designed and carried out in amazingly impressive locations in North West of Sardinia, on the Coral Coastline. Pilates practice will be the main activity of the retreat. In the morning and before breakfast, we’ll practice Pilates on large beach towel laid on the grass in the sun just outside the rooms of the holiday farm “La Genziana” in Alghero, where we will stay overnight and where healthy Sardinian style breakfasts will be available after the Pilates practice.


The aim of PILATES IN THE MORNING is to activate body, mind and spirit in preparation of a day full of unforgettable experiences. During the days a wide range of activities are available for you to choose. The planning of the day will be done together in a group every day and it will be dependent on the weather conditions: Surf classes; (weather depending); SUP adventures (weather depending); Hiking (min of 2 people); Horse riding; Yoga classes (group or individual). We’ll finish the day at the Porto Ferro beach practicing SUNSET PILATES on our large beach towel laid on the sand warmed by the sun. At sunset our body, mind and spirit will be enriched by all the energy that the sea and the sun can provide.

How is it born?

PILATES GOES WILD comes from Marialuisa’s desire to share a part of her life in Sardinia. In this corner of the world, nature dominates the landscape and the souls of those who immerse themselves in it. The experiences PILATES GOES WILD offers are intense and fortifying. The views you will encounter are breath-taking. The days will be dominated by activities that will transport people to a primitive and pure dimension.

During the PILATES GOES WILD retreat,

many optional activities are proposed:

Reservation Pilates Goes Wild

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